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Dear Jeff Curtis,

It is a very distinct pleasure to have met you, to be acquainted with you and to hear your expert testimony. I believe that if it had not been for you, my fate and Sheriff Cross' fate would have been different. You are a credit to the Law Enforcement Profession. Your credentials speak for themselves. I want to sincerely thank you for coming to Mississippi and (sticking around) for us in this cause. On behalf of the Clarke County Sheriffs Office, we thank you.


Todd Kemp, Sheriff Clarke County

Dear Mr. Curtis,                                                                                                               July 23, 2006

  Just wanted to let you guys know that I got to use some of my PPCT skills for the first time.  I know you have had several stories before but this I just have to share with you guys. Last night 7/22/06 about 3 a.m. i pulled a vehicle over and it was a Ford Explorer, 4 males. After getting all the details on who they were and all that I find out that one male has a warrant for MDOC on probation violations, he was going back. I could tell that things were fixing to get ugly, the gut was telling me to stay strong, keep in the fight. I got each one out one at a time and placed them in cuffs "for my safety " after patting them down for weapons. Another unit arrives then another one after I had 2 of the dudes out. My partner get there and gets the other guy out and cuffs him. I ask one male to step out and as soon as i touched him he resisted on me. Tried to jerk away and my partner just crowed him and slams him into the side of the truck. I stepped back and seen the guy was fixing to strike my partner with his fist, took 2 steps BAM BAM BAM 3 strikes to the Common Peronial, Grabbed his wrist, straight arm bar take down, then he refused to give me his other hand, My partner grabbed the one I was holding with my knee in his back,simply put the Mandibular angle on him and WHALLLAAA there comes the other hand !!!  I was so pleased how easy it was. That stuff works, and thanks for all the training on that it all come to me naturally, no thinking or hesitating, just BAM there it was. You guys are the best. Just had to share that story, my first altercation, and the guy was a lot bigger and much stronger than me, HELL ALL I CAN SAY IS IT WORKS !!!!!!! 

     Thanks guys for the training, sure saved my ass last night !!  You guys are top notch, trainers, people, mentors, Keep up the great work.

 Thanks again Clay Koon


 Mr. Curtis,                                                                                                                August 02, 2006

Hey my new fishing buddy, just wanted to let you know I got to use some PPCT on a guy early this morning after I had arrested him and we got to the SO.  he told me he was NOT getting out of my car.  I ask him twice to get out and he refused, so i had to assist him by using a mandibular angle on him. Needless to say when I applied some pressure to him he came right out of my car.  That was the first time I have had to use that stuff and  am a firm believer in it now.  Thanks for teaching us PPCT because if I did not know it I am not sure how I would have got him out of my car.

Officer Mauney


Article in FRONTLINE  News Letter from UK:

New PPCT COURSE hailed a success by Police Instructors

Police and C&R Instructors from across the UK were the first in the country to take part in a new PPCT combined course.  Knife defense and Ground Avoidance Ground Escape (GGE) have been taught by the American company PPCT in the US for many years but in May, UK students took part in the week-long course fo the first time. In pervious years MLA has held Defensive Tactics courses but an increased popularity of PPCT influenced the introduction of the knife defense skills and GAGE.  Trainer Jeff Curtis from Mississippi taught the course at Cambridgeshire Constabulary to officers from the Northern Ireland Prison Service, PSNI, West Mercia, Derbyshire, Prison Service College Kidlington and Lindholme, Carbridgeshire and the Ministry of Defense Police.  PPCT's GAGE training has never been held in the UK and whit a knife defense course was held several years ago, it was the first time it was combined with another course.  The students who came on the course were delighted.  One officer said: "Most other providers lack the quality of research and accountability that PPCT provides.  We learnt real skills which can be cascaded to the average learner with out much difficulty.  "Jeff and Russell were a great combination.  Their depth of knowledge and experience was excellent and they were both obviously very passionate about he subject.  They were a breath of fresh air!"





SRT undergoes rigorous training

By: GUINDA REEVES, Staff Writer

September 23, 2006


The Clarksdale Police Department's Special Response and Tactics team received special training this week, according to police officials. "This team is active as of now; they're ready to roll," said SRT Capt. Billy Joe Haley, at the conclusion of training sessions Thursday.





Investigator Joseph Wide, from left (background),

 and Corporal Myette Dawson, members of the

Clarksdale Police Department’s SRT, listen to a

 critique by TCTI (Total Control Training Institute)

 President  & Staff Instructor, Jeff Curtis.


SRT team members were in full gear Thursday afternoon, practicing advanced bus assaults.
"Go, go, go!" yelled TCTI Instructor Jeff Curtis, President of Total Control Training Institute, Inc., of Brandon, MS
SRT team members, black shield in front, silently approach a school bus as though there is a hostage situation.
"Bus driver, exit the bus!" shouts an SRT team member.
As the bus driver is led away by one team member, others quickly begin boarding the bus and securing it to check for the "bad guys."
Near the back of the bus, a mock "bad guy" suddenly brandishes a red-rubber "Training Weapon."
An SRT team member's response is swift and sure - the threat is quickly "neutralized."
Once the team members yell "Dominate!" to indicate the bus is now secured, the cry goes out for "Medic!" for the neutralized "bad guy."
Meanwhile, SRT team members methodically help each passenger, directed to keep their hands on their head, off the bus and to a safe area.
In the safe area, police officers check out each person, to ensure the "bad guys" haven't mingled in with the real victims.
Once each passenger is checked and "cleared," they can then be helped as victims. Until then, every person is considered to be a possible threat or "bad guy."
At the end of each scenario, SRT team members listen to critiques of their actions, then go back and practice the drill again. And again. And again. And again.
SRT team members are building "muscle memory," a term used in law-enforcement training.
"It takes approximately 3,000 repetitions of any motion to get it into your muscle memory," instructors often tell recruits and officers.
The drills are hot, demanding work. Finally, there's a break and someone goes to get Gatorade.
It has been a long week of training for the SRT team members.
SRT team members have now earned their certifications in three areas: responding to an active shooter, advanced team tactics SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) and advanced vehicle/bus assaults.
"I consider it an honor to work with you guys," Curtis told the SRT team members.
The TCTI special training for the 10-member SRT team was approved Sept. 11 by the city Board of Commissioners, at a total cost of $9,000, paid from Project Safe Neighborhood grants.
The areas in which the SRT team members trained and were certified are:
n Responding to an active shooter - Focuses on the school setting and considered a must for school-resource officers. Teaches proper techniques and skills needed to properly respond to an active-shooter situation.
Advanced team tactics SWAT - Provides a firm understanding of basic and advanced SWAT concepts and operations, including a barricaded-suspect situation, hostage rescue tactics and techniques, entry (breaching) techniques, movement techniques to accomplish perimeter containment, control and operational procedures.
 Advanced vehicle/bus assaults - Provides understanding of bus assaults and operations for control, including current equipment and strategic concerns such as cross-fire, lighting, extractions and diversionary techniques, and subject-control techniques.
Clarksdale's 10-member SRT team includes Capt. Billy Joe Haley; investigators Vincent Ramirez and Joseph Wide; Corporal Myette Dawson; and officers Jesse Barnes, Derome Bobo, Steven Poer, Michael Pugh, Jason Sims Sr. and Darrell Taylor.


Taking part in the instruction was TCTI staff as follows:

Jeff Curtis

Brian Darby

Garry Welch

Todd Salmon

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