This is a sixteen hour instructor course that is designed to teach the jail personnel instructor the advanced training levels of Cell Extraction.

This program is designed to give jail personnel and correctional officers training for a forced cell extraction.  Studies conducted reveal that approximately 35% of injuries sustained by corrections and jail officers are a result of conduction of a forced cell move.  Although corrections officers are required to conduct a forced cell move on a limited basis, it is one of the most dangerous assignments an officer can be asked to perform.  Traditionally, officers have not been trained in a pre-planned or systematic method in which to perform the cell extraction. 

The goal of this eight (16) hour program is to better equip and prepare the corrections administrator/officer in implementing procedures and subject control tactics when responding to a “forced” cell extraction/insertion of an unresponsive prisoner.  The emphasis of this training program is to focus on developing systematic procedures which utilize a team approach when faced with a cell extraction which maximizes both officer and prisoner safety.