(2 Days / 16 Hours)

Personal defense is becoming more important in this time. We at TCTI want to aid you in protecting yourself and your family.

This program will cover Ethical Standards in the new Era/Description, how to asses a threat, Motor Learning Principles, Confidence, and Personal Defense Performance.

            The purpose of this program is to provide security personnel with an inexpensive Personal Defense Training program, which is comprised of elements designed to be court defensible.  You will learn these methods to protect yourself, your family and people in your care. The research for this program, which is based upon neural-biology and motor learning research, is a key component to the programs success.  As instructors, our goal is to provide you with training and information that can be applied in a multitude of situations where life or death is on the line.

            This program examines existing research that encompasses motivation factors of educational psychology, how stress and anxiety affects survival performance, methods of reducing the affects of survival stress, and how to use skills in this program to reduce stress and build confidence in your ability to survive. Information contained in the guide will help to answer the following questions:
What are the legal and ethical issues for this training?
When are personal defense measures appropriate?
What happens to me when a situation becomes life threatening?
The goals of this program are as follows:
     1.  To examine the components of survival stress.
     2.  View the ethical standards in the New Era.
     3.  Understand the Threat Assessment continuum.
     4.  Understand the human response to danger.
     5.  Understand the body chemistry and its effect on performance.
     6.  Introduce practical skills to meet your needs for personal defense.
Some of the practical skills that will be introduced during this program are:

Defensive blocking, Strikes, Kicks, Stuns, Pressure Points, and Position Control, Edged weapon disarmament, and Weapon disarmament.

Developing confidence in training will be one of the main goals of this program.  Confidence is the mindset based on experiences and observations.  Confidence infers a mental state, which is void of fear, anxiety, or self-doubt.

*During this program you will not be given unrealistic step-by-step guidelines, or given dangerous or limited advice.