(2 Days / 16 Hours)

TCTI is a recognized authority on training systems based on documented research.  TCTI systems designs are quick and simple to learn.  TCTI is a researched based use of force training organization that serves the professional criminal justice community.  TCTI serves police, military and security several areas of use of force training.  The success of TCTI, Inc. is a product of a design methodology based on the “reasonable person doctrine” techniques which can be quickly learned. 

The purpose of this course is to apply survival training for guards with the personal defense training program.  This course will help answer the following questions:

The course will cover areas of training in:

The goal of this 16 hour program is to better equip and prepare the casino security guard administrator/officer in implementing procedures and subject control tactics when responding or involved in a personal defense encounter.  The emphasis of this training program is to focus on developing procedures which utilize a team approach when faced with a situation which will maximize both officer and citizen safety.