(1 day / 8 hours)

This is an O.C. Instructor Course unlike any other.  TCTI is a researched based use of force training organization that serves the professional criminal justice community. The success of TCTI, Inc. is a product of a design methodology based on the “reasonable person doctrine” techniques, which can be quickly learned.

The purpose of this instructor course is to apply survival training for the instructors with the OC products.  OC chemical agent products have proven to be a positive subject control tool.  This course will cover areas such as:
  • Present principles, skills and techniques with the OC products
  • Control resistance and aggressive behavior
  • Use of OC at correct level of control according the the Use of Force Resistance Control Continuum, practical participation required
  • Reduce risk of personal injury to officers and others
  • Increase officer's confidence
  • Reduce the exposure of civil liability of the officer and employer