With the ever changing world celebrities, dignitaries, executives and other high risk individuals are in positions to contact threats, assaults, stalkers, kidnapping and terror attacks.  

TCTI has trained executive protection teams from across the country.  With highly trained consultants and operators with backgrounds in law enforcement, military and private sector we can offer several areas of high risk protection.  

Jeff Curtis, the President of TCTI began his career in 1983 with Vance International working executive protection details and with the assist protection team.  Jeff has served over 25 years in the law enforcement field and as an expert in the use of force training field.  In addition to working with departments nationally, he served as Director of Security for a very large US-based international communications corporation where he also acted as head of the Executive Protection Division for the CEO and CFO. 

TCTI is a use of force training company that provides all consultants and operators with the highest quality training in areas such as advanced firearms, emergency medical response, defensive and evasive driving, communications, and special protection assignments.  

TCTI consultants and operators have the highest level of Integrity in the field.  Operators with standards from both legal and ethical behavior levels, maintain a work environment that is free of conflicts with any client, maintains the highest level of confidentially, discreet, and strictly follows all laws on state, local and national levels. 

TCTI’s employees have years of experience in the executive protection field.  They are highly trained in all areas of executive protection to cover any type of client.  Your people and assets are priceless and you want the best protection available. Let us protect them with the services we have to offer.  We at TCTI not only train survivors we also protect survivors.