TCTI SWAT School is an entry level class tactical class that is meant ot provide the students with a firn understanding of basic and Advanced SWAT concepts and operations.  TCTI firmly believes in getting its students to a level of proficiency with tactical operations. Advanced concepts should not be taught until the students understand and can apply the basics learned in this class.  We are proud of the curriculum as it is tactically sound and based off of case law.  Our training complements  the body's natural reactions to stress and the nervous system responses to stress.  (PPCT Research) The training will begin with thought processing and individual tactics before moving into team tactics and technical skills.  Upon completion of the class the student will understand the planning and preparation process required for SWAT application and should be able to serve as a functional member of any SWAT team.  Advanced class this is meant ot provide the students with a firm understanding of SWAT concepts and operations through classroom and well developed field exercises.  Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate response/resolve a barricaded suspect situation, hostage rescue tactics and techniques, entry (breaching) techniques, movement techniques to accomplish perimeter containment, control and operational procedures.