(1 Day / 8 Hours)

This course is designed to give law enforcement officers training needed to retain or disarm a weapon.  In this complex world of law enforcement, over 15% of officers die form their own weapon.  This course gives the officer the most up-dated techniques in weapon retention and disarming. 

The goal of this course is to familiarize the students with the principles and techniques of the weapon retention and disarming system.
  • To understand the weapon retention survival strategies.
  • To understand the implications which implement a pre-planned retention system.
  • To understand why weapon retention techniques should consist of gross motor skills when possible.
  • To recognize the primary distraction technique to be used during weapon retention.
  • To recognize how relevant distance affects a student's ability to disarm a subject.
  • To recognize how to use distractions to create a disarming window.
  • To understand why a follow-up procedure should be implemented after an officer has disarmed a subject.
  • To recognize the three steps to be used when attempting a disarming technique.