(Ground Avoidance/Ground Escape)



            The PPCT GAGE Instructor Program Includes:

·         Survival learning research (examine the motor learning and survival research)

·         Use of force principles and continuum (one major reason for law suits)

·         Subject control techniques (tactical control techniques)

·         Defensive countermeasures (essential for defending against assaults)

·         Ground escapes, ground defense and avoidance techniques.

·         All training and material the student will need to effectively teach and train other officers in the defensive tactics system.


One of law enforcement officers’ greatest fears is being knocked to the ground during a physical confrontation and finding him/herself unable to successfully recover. Several subject control systems offer a ground defense system, however, few focus on teaching officers how to control their actions and conserve energy while on the ground. PPCT system teach officers how to tactical prepare for, and manage, a subjects actions.  PPCT GAGE program will teach an officer how to fall in order to minimize injury, how to defend him/herself while on the ground, conserving and maximizing energy, and how to regain a standing position to ultimately control and survive the situation.