(5 days / 40 hours)


     This course is designed to introduce the PPCT Defense Tactics System to the Basic Law Classes at the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy.  During the course, several areas will be covered. The design methodology of the PPCT Systems is based upon the premise that the psychological and physiological stresses associated with a Use of Force situation will result in performance limitations for the average officer.  Therefore, PPCT training focuses on the following:
     - That its training will be used by the average officer with average physical ability
     - That the average officer will experience performance limitations resulting from the
        psychological and physiological stress associated with a Use of Force situation
     Classroom lecture, student handouts and hands on demonstrations will be used during this 40 hour program.
     Given the different components of the PPCT system the student will define the defensive tactics techniques and be able to perform the techniques.  To competently address these design objectives, PPCT developed and based its training on two elements.  The first element is that the training is comprised of gross motor skills whenever possible.  The second element which comprises the design methodology of PPCT Training Systems is system simplicity.  This principle advocates keeping the number of techniques in a survival system to a minimum.  Research to support this position is a result of known findings in Reaction Time research.
     Instructors will utilize audio visual aids developed by PPCT. This will present a professional presentation and maintain consistence.
     The practical portions of the class will require that students wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.  Students should not wear any type of cosmetic, jewelry, perfume or cologne.