Curriculum Vitae

Jeffrey Alan Curtis

Total Control Training Institute, Inc.


P.O. Box 385

Benton, MS  39039

Phone 601-506-8219

Specialties: Use of Force Training, Use of Force Incidents

            Jeff Curtis is a 25 year law enforcement veteran with a background specialized in Use of Force Training.  He is the founder and president of Total Control Training Institute, Inc. a researched based use of force training organization. At this time Mr. Curtis and TCTI, are contracted by the Mississippi Delta Community College Law Enforcement Training Academy to oversee the Basic training and advanced training for law enforcement officers in the State of Mississippi.

            Mr. Curtis has been a guest speaker for several agencies throughout the United States including: the International Association of Firearms Instructors, PPCT Management Systems, Mississippi State University, Mississippi Delta Community College Law Enforcement Training Academy, International Campus Chiefs of Police, Mississippi Sheriffs Association, and the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers.  He has been an active consultant for the U.S. Department of Army, U.S. Air Force and military special operation units.  

Mr. Curtis has been active over the years with PPCT Management Systems, Inc. The leading research based use of force organization in the Country.  He currently holds the position of Associate Staff Instructor with the PPCT organization.   He has assisted PPCT staff with development of the PPCT Tactical Firearms Instructor Manual and was assigned as the Chair of the Warriors Science Group Firearms Committee.  Assisted staff in the instruction of the Tactical Firearms Instructor course at PPCT International conferences.  Jeff was assigned to be on the Instructor Trainer committee nationally for PPCT.  As a speaker at several PPCT conferences over the years, he has presented several course topics on defensive tactics and firearms crossover-training needs. Jeff has instructed firearms instructor classes in several states and developed advanced firearms survival programs for officers in combat survival needs.    

            As a Special Projects Coordinator for the State of Mississippi, while working with the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy in Pearl, Mississippi, Mr. Curtis researched, designed and coordinated several seminars.  As a Basic Law Coordinator, he oversaw classes of recruits to become officers for the state of Mississippi. His classes ranged from 55 to 75 graduating officers.  While serving as Staff Instructor for Offshoots Training Institute, Mr. Curtis researched and wrote training manuals for some firearms programs, defensive tactics programs and officer survival courses.  As founder of TCTI Inc. Mr. Curtis has designed several survival courses and advanced survival courses for law enforcement and security.  Mr. Curtis has trained several hundred airlines workers in a personal protection course designed for their needs. 

            Mr. Curtis began his career as an asset protection team member and doing executive protection work for Vance International located in VA in 1985.  In 1987 he became a police officer in Tupelo, MS.  In 1994 he left the Starkville Police Department as a patrol sergeant and a tactical team commander to become the Special Project Coordinator for the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy.  In 1999 he left the Academy to manage WorldCom Corporate Headquarters and head the executive protection division for the CEO of WorldCom.  In 2001 he left WorldCom to manage TCTI full time.
Defensive Tactics (PPCT) Instructor Trainer
Spontaneous Knife Defensive (PPCT) Instructor Trainer
Violent Patient Management (PPCT) Instructor Trainer
Violent Student Management (PPCT) Instructor Trainer
Inmate Control Management (PPCT) Instructor Trainer
Tactical CQC Measures (PPCT) Instructor Trainer
G.A.P. – Ground Defense (PPCT) Instructor Trainer
Impact Weapons (PPCT) Instructor Trainer
Pressure Points Control (PPCT) Instructor Trainer
Handgun Retention (PPCT) Instructor Trainer
Sexual Harassment Assault Rape Prevention Instructor Trainer
Collapsible Baton (PPCT) Instructor Trainer
Tactical Firearms (PPCT) Instructor Trainer
Semi-Auto Pistol Instructor Trainer
Police Shotgun Instructor Trainer
Dynamic Training Instructor Trainer
Jim-Tex Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Instructor Trainer
OCAT Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Instructor Trainer
TCTI Oleoresin Capsicum Survival Instructor Trainer
TCTI Semi-Auto Firearms Instructor Trainer
Atmoryu Ju Jitsu Association Shodan

Instructor Trainer in all TCTI  Instructor developed courses.

State of Mississippi Law Enforcement Certified Instructor
State of Mississippi Detention Officer Certified Instructor
State of Arkansas Law Enforcement Certified Instructor
State of Florida Law Enforcement Certified Instructor
State of Mississippi Standards Instructor for Jailer Certification
National Rifle Association Police Firearms Instructor
Transitional Semi-Auto Pistol Firearms Instructor
Glock Weapons Transitional/Instructor Workshop
Street Survival/High Risk Entry Instructor
Building Search and Entry Instructor
Basic Investigation Instructor
Basic Interview and Interrogation Instructor
Traveling Criminal Apprehension Program Instructor
First Responder Instructor
Woman Self-Defense Instructor
Flight Attendants Personal Protection Instructor
Combat Fitness Instructor
Fit Force Physical Fitness Instructor
Defensive Tactics Instructor
Pressure Point Instructor
Tactical CQC Instructor
Collapsible Baton Instructor
Responding to Active Shooter Instructor
Defensive Driving Instructor
ASP Baton Instructor
Disruptive Student Instructor
Spontaneous Knife Instructor
Combat Folder Knife Instructor
High Risk Control Instructor
Violent Patient Management Instructor
Dynamic Simulation Instructor
Weapon Retention Instructor
Casino Security Instructor
Cell Extraction Instructor
Inmate Control Instructor
Tactical Communications Instructor
Executive Protection Planning Instructor
Executive Protection Survival Instructor
Officer Survival Course Instructor
Tazer M-26 and X-26 Instructor
ALERT Instructor
LEAPS of Mississippi Instructor
Glock Semi-Auto Armorers Course
Glock Semi-Auto Advanced Armorers Course
Smith and Wesson Academy Armorers Course
Sigma Armorers Course
Advanced Criminal Interview and Interrogation
Criminal Investigation Program
Advanced Crime Scene Investigation
K-9 Survival Detection Course
Improved Field Sobriety Testing Course
Serological Evidence Collection
Kinesics Techniques of Interview and Interrogation
F.B.I. Legal Issues
Forensics of Narcotics Investigation
Advanced Executive Protection Course
Instructor Development Certification
Supervisor- Effective Management Certification
Supervision of Police Personnel
Evidence Collection in Violent Crimes
Flex-Cuff Restraint Certification
Police Driving and Pursuit – Legal Issues
Hazardous Materials Identification Course
Def-Tech Certification in Light Sound Diversionary Devices
Pro-Tech Amour Ballistic Shield Utilization/Application
Close Quarter Combat Techniques Training
Special Ops Training Close Quarter Combat
Special Ops Training with Defensive Counterstrikes
Ground Defense and Ground Shooting
Ground Defense Defensive Tactics
Street Survival Course
American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers
National Society of Law Narcotic Detection Dog Association
American Society of Industrial Security
International Association of Firearms Instructors


1989     Recipient of Outstanding Officer Award, Starkville Police Department
1990     Starkville Police Officer of the Year Award
1991     Honored by Starkville Exchange Club – Officer of the Year Award
1991     Honored by U.S. Department of Agriculture – Officer of the Year Award
1992     Recipient of the “Top Gun” award from the ATF
1993     Physical Fitness Leader of the Year Award – Starkville Police Dept.
1993     Firearms Expert Award – Starkville Police Dept.
1994     Special Recognition, U.S. Department of Agriculture
1995     Special Recognition, Mississippi State University
1996     Special Recognition, PPCT Management Systems
1997     U.S. Air Force Certificate of Appreciation
1998     Special Recognition, International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms
1998     Special Recognition, 173ed Raven Unit, U.S. Air Force
1999     Special Recognition, U.S. Probation Service
2002     Warren County Sheriff’s Department Certificate of Appreciation
2002     Choctaw Tribal Security Certificate of Appreciation
2003     Special Recognition, MDCC - Law Enforcement Training Academy
2004     Special Recognition, MDCC - Law Enforcement Training Academy
2005          Special Recognition Hong Kong Correction Division
2006     Special Recognition PPCT - Associate Staff Instructor Award
2006          Special Recognition, PPCT Management Systems Associate Staff assignment
2007          Special Recognition, PPCT for development of the PPCT Combat Firearms Training System
2008          Special Recognition, State of Mississippi Standards and Training for Detention Program
2009          Special Recognition, Hong Kong Correctional Service Department


Mantachie High School – Graduated 1979
Mantachie, Mississippi
Itawamba Community College – Business -Attended 1980 – 1982
Fulton, Mississippi
Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy – Graduated 1987
Pearl, Mississippi
Hinds Community College – Criminal Justice – Attended 1987
Pearl, Mississippi
Certified Public Manager Program – Attended 1997 -1998
Jackson, Mississippi


Date of Birth:     09-20-60    
Health:               Excellent