40 Hour Course

(3 Days of Basic Tactical Rifle/2 Days of Instructor Training)


Course Description

            The purpose of this course is to provide firearm instructors with a firearms instructor course, which is based upon neural-biology and motor learning research.  As instructors, our goal is to provide our students with training and information that can be applied in a multitude of situations where life or death is on the line. This course examines existing research that encompasses motivation factors of educational psychology, how stress and anxiety affects survival performance, methods of reducing the affects of survival stress, and how to design programs that are court defensible and will enhance an officer’s reaction time.  As instructors, our responsibility is to instruct our officers in time-tested, relevant combat shooting methods in order to better prepare them to deal with the high threat environment that they work in everyday and night, not a static environment where the rules are always fixed.


Course Goals:

1.      To examine the components of survival stress.

2.      To examine the motor learning principles

3.      To enhance officer’s confidence.

4.      To examine methods of learning.

5.      To examine method of instruction.

6.      To examine vision research.

7.      To examine visualization skills.

8.      To enhance instructors knowledge of instructor liabilities.

9.      To examine course design and development.

10.  To examine firearms accessory and equipment.

11.  To examine assisting the problem shooter.

12.  To examine the use of range commands and running the range.

13.  To examine official survival training considerations.

14.  To examine PPCT Survival learning theory.

15.  To examine dim light shooting techniques.

16.  To examine range design for the instructor.

17.  To examine Use of Force Response options.

18.  To examine duty and home safety issues.


Certification Procedure:




Awarded to each student upon successful course completion of the following:


·        Evaluation exercise (s) pertaining to important specific areas involving the operation of the weapon system or maneuver (s) being taught.  These exercises are performed periodically throughout the course, and are rated as either PASS or FAIL.

·        General Conduct: Following instructions, maintaining discipline on and off the line.  Overall Safety conduct and awareness, and overall shooting effort.

·        Attendance: Students are allowed no more than a 10% absenteeism (ex. – 36 out of 40 hours required.)  If students must miss any portion of the course, they are still required to successfully complete all evaluation exercises and/or maneuvers during a prescribed time, either before or after the Norman class hours.  Please notify lead instructors as far in advance as possible of any expected time lost from the course.


Certain courses will require the addition of the following:

·        Shooting Evaluation Courses of Fire – Passing Score = 75%

·        Written Test – Passing Score = 80%




·        20 to 50 – ROUND EVALUATION COURSE (S):  Passing – 75% minimum score required

·        WRITTEN TEST:   Passing – 80% minimum score required



CERTIFICATION RECEIVED:                  Total Control Training Institute


TCTI Certificate of Attendance   Awarded to students who do not satisfy each of the above criteria.  This certificate serves only to state that the student attended or partially attended the course.